Friday, May 21, 2010

Finals are done!

So I am so sorry I havn't been up to date with this blog in awhile! Finals have been keeping me from having fun.
I am just hoping with all the hard work it is paid off and I don't have to retake these classes again!

anyhow, I'm going to start posting on here now that I'll have free time! weeee!

so here are a list of things to do for free!

-go to the park and have a picnic!
its that time of year where it's getting warm, its nice to be outside now!
and picnics are always nice when make something from home and bring it to share with friends!

-go hiking!
incredibly good workout, even in the summertime!
check this site for places in your area!

-go for a bike ride!
Its going to be so nice to be able to ride your bike in this gorgeous weather! and you don't even need air conditioning! nature's nice breeze can condition you with that!

-beach time!
this is definatly the time to hit the beach, go for a tan, enjoy bottled refreshments, and indulge in marine beauty that surrounds you! plus, if you feel like being active, just head over to the vollyball area!

hit up another town and either walk or drive around. its so nice to take a mini vacation to another area. even if its in your county!

be resourceful and find something to be apart of! make a difference! you are likely to feel so good to be apart of something and even meet new people who can end up being close, life long buddies! Its always good to get involved in a community festivity!

Hope you guys keep checking in and getting out for playtime this summer!
Have a beautiful day!