Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adama's Vegan Comfort Restaurant/Acai Frooty/Sally Loos

Potato Pancakes served with Apple Sauce from Adama's Vegan Comfort Restaurant in Santa Barbara! :D

honestly, i don't even like apple sauce. but dude, that apple sauce made me into a lover of one! dead on!

Adama Vegan Comfort Cuisine
428 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Found this book at a used books store. was so tempted to get it!
It talks about the evolution of the Western Diet and how Americans have become so obese during this period! I looked through it and it sounded very interesting! :D

I won free samples from this awesome local acai company called Frooty Acai! They sell them in a ready-to-go type of contaner with spoon included!! Flavors come in Strawberry and Banana and they sell them at Santa Cruz markets and Tri City in Santa Barbara. I believe they're starting to sell them in more places but they're rad and so delish!

Frooty Acai

I had taken the train up to San Luis Obispo the last time I was there, and since my mother was the one picking me up we decided to go somewhere close to the train station to get some tea. My mother was also a bit hungry so we decided on crossing over to a place called Sally Loos! This is the first time I've ever been in here since they had Cafe Luna (and Cafe Luna had the BEST Veggie Panini Sandwich!!! Missss that so much!!!) but anyhow, there was a show playing there and it was rad. Very loud, but the musician was pretty talented.

My mother got the Vegan Candied Granola Oatmeal Cookie and I got a Vegan Brownie

It really makes me happy to know places are very open-minded to what the customers want. Definatley will be coming there again when I'm back up there!

Sally Loo
1804 Osos St. San Luis Obispo, 93401, CA