Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adama's Vegan Comfort Restaurant/Acai Frooty/Sally Loos

Potato Pancakes served with Apple Sauce from Adama's Vegan Comfort Restaurant in Santa Barbara! :D

honestly, i don't even like apple sauce. but dude, that apple sauce made me into a lover of one! dead on!

Adama Vegan Comfort Cuisine
428 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Found this book at a used books store. was so tempted to get it!
It talks about the evolution of the Western Diet and how Americans have become so obese during this period! I looked through it and it sounded very interesting! :D

I won free samples from this awesome local acai company called Frooty Acai! They sell them in a ready-to-go type of contaner with spoon included!! Flavors come in Strawberry and Banana and they sell them at Santa Cruz markets and Tri City in Santa Barbara. I believe they're starting to sell them in more places but they're rad and so delish!

Frooty Acai

I had taken the train up to San Luis Obispo the last time I was there, and since my mother was the one picking me up we decided to go somewhere close to the train station to get some tea. My mother was also a bit hungry so we decided on crossing over to a place called Sally Loos! This is the first time I've ever been in here since they had Cafe Luna (and Cafe Luna had the BEST Veggie Panini Sandwich!!! Missss that so much!!!) but anyhow, there was a show playing there and it was rad. Very loud, but the musician was pretty talented.

My mother got the Vegan Candied Granola Oatmeal Cookie and I got a Vegan Brownie

It really makes me happy to know places are very open-minded to what the customers want. Definatley will be coming there again when I'm back up there!

Sally Loo
1804 Osos St. San Luis Obispo, 93401, CA

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adama Vegan Restaurant in Santa Barbara!

went on some errends yesterday and when i was done. I thought about the fact that I havn't been down at Adama's in awhile! So i went in for some ice green tea and dinner to go!

I drank the Green Tea in an instant! Best green tea I've ever tasted! I go and get green tea at various places, but honestly, Adama's is soo much better!

Got the Grilled Cheeze sandwich on sourdough bread with a side of salad with lemon vinaigrette dressing! The BEST grilled cheeze I've ever had. Better than what I have made myself!

soo yummyyy <3

I have no food at my apartment whatsoever (I need to go grocery shopping soon!!), so I decided to come back to my favorite place!

I just got iced green tea & a bagel with cream cheese.

And then I wanted something for lunch so I got a Knish to go!

It came with spicy honey mustard!

I always feel like Adama's does it better. Best food ever. You just feel amazing after you eat their food.

Check out their Facebook!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yummy Sandwich Idea! Peanut Butter, Banana, and Seed Sandwich with side of Strawberries!

And its super nutritious too! I love to make this a breakfast sandwich because this is the type of food that will give you energy for the rest of the day!

Multigrain bread provides a multitude of vitamins and minerals, more likely than regular wonderbread (which are bleached out vitamins and minerals!)
Basically, the less a food is processed, the much more better it is for your health!

Bananas, as well know, are a great source of potassium, and may also promote adequate bone health!
how exciting is that!

Peanut Butter is a good fat food, essential for brain's functioning! It also promotes great heart health!

Seeds are another good fat food, that is essential for brain's functioning! They have anti-inflammatory effects that help prevent against arthritis! They are a healing food for joints!

Strawberries contain a good source of vitamin C, adequate for eliminating free radicals in your body! Thus, it is a great anti-cancer property! Strawberries are also a good source of iron!

What you need:
Sprouted Multigrain Bread,
Peanut Butter
Seeds such as Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds
Strawberries (on the side!)

Toast your Sprouted Multigrain Bread
Once toasted, spread your Peanut Butter on both sides of the bread
Cut up half of the Banana and create slices, then spread them on one side of the sandwich
sprinkle Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds on the other side of the sandwich
Form the sandwich and cut in half!
For a side dish, grab your strawberries, cut the top off and then cut the strawberries in half
(you can use as much strawberries as you'd like!)

Ready for eating! Enjoy! <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello Summer June 2011!

I had ONE week off of school. Not enough. Its a space between one level to another, so I'm entering into level II of my nursing program!

When driving through Montecito in Santa Barbara at times, I would always drive by Scoops and always wondered, "would they have any non-dairy/vegan sorbet? It looks like a place where they could possibly .

One day, decided to go there and find out. And also to walk and sit at Butterfly Beach :)
It was a foggy day. But the beach oh so beautiful :)

So, walking in the cute ice cream shop, I did learn there are non-dairy options! I was so excited and bought half strawberry and half blackberry sorbet! The strawberries and blackberries come from the local farmers market, so it is definatly fresh and organic! This seriously tasted like a great strawberry and blackberry ice cream :)

I was in Los Angeles the other day and my good friend whom I was hanging out with decided on getting something from Millions of Milkshakes since we were driving past it on Santa Monica Blvd!
I had heard in the past Millions of Milkshakes had vegan options! So it was definatley not something to question! I've wanted to try it out as well!

I got a vegan ice cream with berries (they're at the bottom) and oreos!

Yesterday I took myself out to dinner before heading back up to Santa Barbara. I went into Truly A Vegan Restaurant on the Hollywood Blvd. I heard that its a pretty popular spot with great food! It was slow when I came in due to it being fathers day. But the people who worked there were so so nice, friendly, wonderful service, and even though I was practically the only person in there, I still got a window seat! The people who work there treat you so kindly! This one woman came in for a take-out, and she raved about how this is the best place for vegan food in Los Angeles, and that she only comes here for the best vegan food! She said she had been going there for 7 years and never was let down by their food!

Not only is it good, but its definatly an affordable price to go out and eat at! Plus! You can have your food for delivery! They also serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! :D

I ordered the Simply Seitan with side of potatoes, broccoli and vegan ranch dressing! So yummy! :D

After I put ketchup and chili sauce! :)

After dinner, I got coconut ice cream! i'm in love. this has made it official that i actually do love coconut ice cream!

After coming home to beautiful Santa Barbara view outside my window! Makes me love living here! <3

1187 Coast Village Rd
Montecito, CA 93108

Millions of Milkshakes:
8910 Santa Monica,
West Hollywood, CA 90069


Truly :
5907 Hollywood Blvd,
Hollywood, CA 90028


Monday, June 13, 2011

Amsterdam Coffee Paso Robles!

So, after all these years I've lived in the San Luis Obispo area, I just recently found out about Amsterdam in Paso Robles.
But then, it kind of makes sense that I havn't heard of it til now because I havn't really been in Paso in two years! Haha!

My dear girl friend from that area invited me for tea there, and honestly, I love love it! Everything is organic, and they have a wide selection of teas! It's a coffee house so, yes, there is coffee, and different kinds!. I just had been in a tea craze lately!

Another thing is that in their sugar/sweetener selection they include Stevia packets for you to put in your coffee or tea!
So wonderful!

The most popular tea they have is the Coconut Creme!

725 13th Street,
Paso Robles, CA 93446-2276


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adama Vegan Restaurant in Santa Barbara!

428 Chapala, Santa Barbara, CA

Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes!

Seitan Ranchero!

I absolutely LOVE this place! They opened in Santa Barbara not too long ago, so it's fairly new and booming!

They are open for breakfast, lunch, and soon dinner!

It is so beautiful and cozy inside! Even the bathroom is beautiful!!!

Breakfast Menu!

Beverage Menu!

The Bakery section!

What I absolutely love is the fact that they also have free Wifi!
So, if you want, you can totally just chill with a cup of coffee and delish food/bakery item and hang out!

On Saturday, June 18, They are going to start serving dinner! Come and hang out if you're in the area! They start the dinner at 6pm! :D

Check out their facebook!

Adama Vegan Comfort website!
See what else is on their menu!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This month is pretty much a celebration of Earth Day festivities and the focus on the awareness of our environment, the planet, our diet, etc. much like a high energy sober party!

Oh...which now reminds me the fact that today is 420 and is also part of our green month. Though, not usually what you call a sobriety deal in our society, but you can be high on life on this very day!
Though, i havn't really been celebrating it at all. I just went to the movies instead.....ha.
By the way- we had popped into different kiddie movies at the theater, I realized in both "Rango" and "Yogi Bear" they bring about an awareness of our environment! How exciting is that? The fact that the movie industry throws in some motivation to care about the animals and planet is inspiring! I am proud to know children are finally watching safe cartoons and movies finally. I was worried for a moment! Spongebob and Shrek just dosn't cut it for me (Sorry Shrek fans).

Back to the topic of environmentalism! There are so many festivities going on and so many ways YOU can make a difference!!!

I was excited to get in the mail the Spring issue of "Sundance Beach" magazine!
Throughout the magazine were interesting and informative articles about Earth Day!

Here are some links to a couple blogs you might find interesting!

-The Vegan Diet:

-How to Veganize everything!:


And videos!

Moby talks about vegan philosophy!

There was a segment on Santa Barbara conscious restaurants! :D

This is amazing. mentions everything about MSG in a mesmerizing video!

Last weekend I walked down to the Santa Barbara Earth Festival for a gander!

I got the Brasil Bowl at Backyard Bowls!
Met a lovely lady who was also a vegan! She had a little set up to bring awareness on the environment! :)

What I have been craving lately?!

Vegan Cheese Pizza. I want now.
Places to go for a Vegan Cheese Pizza?
Whole Foods
New Frontiers, San Luis Obispo
Pizza Guru, Santa Barbara
The Pizza Cookery, Los Angeles
Pizza Fusion, Los Angeles

anywhere else they would have vegan cheese at your favorite Pizzaria!

or. could simply just make it yourslf! Daiya Cheese to the rescue! :)

Strawberry & Banana slices. This is what I had for breakfast this morning! Yummm! :D
Think I will have the same for tomorrow morning! :)


Starbucks everywhere April 22rd- If you bring your own mug, they will give you a free cup of coffee!

Topanga Earth Day in Topanga Canyon- April 22nd, 23rd, 24th - 7pm. 1440 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, Ca 90290

Earth Day SLO 2011 in San Luis Obispo April 23rd – 10 am to 5 pm. El Chorro Regional Park San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

BTW if you havn't alreadyyyy
please please please "like" my facebook! :D


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And...its April!

WOW!. March flew by quickly, huh? It is now officially Spring!

I have been busy with my nursing program which has taking up all of my time! But I enjoy it a lot!
On my down time I'm usually going to local shows (if i can) or doing photo shoots/fashion runways.

Here are some pictures! :)

These photographs were taken by the lovely, Olivia Bush!

Makeup and hair done by le talented Alex Morris! :D

Did a fashion show/ Dog Charity event to promote Dog Adoption for fashion designer, Krystal Savanella

This show was taken place at the Camarillo airport. Very vintage styles of airplanes were everywhere! It was so rad!

I did another photoshoot where I looked as if I was beaten up. The photographer gave me some scrubs (how convenient. haha!) and i guess my role was someone who was beaten up, locked away? It was a favor for a friend's friend. But it was still fun! Makeup done by the amazing Alex Morris again! :)

Photography by Jacob Coppage and makeup done by Alex Morris.

And me, getting up at 5am for Clinicals that start at 6:30am. woo.

Just recently, I did a 3D style event- The Art Inception Hair Show 2011,
It was a WestCoast/EastCoast type event where we did a fashion show skyped over to the other side of the country to represent our stuff. Santa Barbara and Los Angeles collaborated together to create interesting hair styles to represent the West Coast and I believe New York and Philadelphia collaborated to represent East Coast.
Very interesting indeed!
Here is a preview of my weekend!

Hair was done by the lovely Maya Robledo.

Lets just say I have My Little Pony hair colors. And I love it. :)

Anyways. Back to the Event. It was taken place in downtown Los Angeles at The Well.
Everyone was wearing 3D glasses to see the brightness of our hair colors :)
It was a lot of fun! There will be pictures to come!
But til then, this is what we did afterwards.
Since it was me, Jalanis Fishe, Jenya Skeen, and Jacob Coppage all road tripping it down to LA, after the show we went to grab dinner at California Vegan. Jenya and I are vegans. Jalanis is vegetarian and loves junk food. I recommended California Vegan to compromise our love of food. Jacob just had to put up with our vegetarian/vegan lifestyle :)

California Vegan is pretty much a vegan denny's. It is love. haha! And they're open just as late as a regular dennys. Why can't they have one in Santa Barbara?? It would be amazing!

we ordered fries, vegan orange chicken, vegan chicken strips, veggie dumplings, veggie soup, vegan tempura shrimp, onion rings, tempura broccoli, and mini salad on the side with thai sesame peanut dressing. It was a big feast! we planned to all share dessert. But we were too full to do so. we ended up having to take home some of the food!

So this is what I look like on a daily basis.

And in my nursing uniform.

For school, I was so scared to see what people's reactions were. And what my teacher would think! I was afraid I was going to be sent home for having crazy colors in my hair.! Apparently, it was a big hit. and honestly, my teacher loved it!. She even said that I could maybe keep it? One of the people from the administration came in yesterday, looked at my hair. and didn't say anything.
So...thats kind of awesome. But I hope I wasn't secretly written up... gah.

By the way. I have a recipe to share for you :)

Meatless Meatball Sandwich

(I got this from Peta Vegan College Cookbook. The "Meatball Anti-Hero" !)


4 Meatless Meatballs (Nate's Meatless Meatballs)
Ezekiel Sprouted hot dog buns
1-2 slices Tofutti Mozzarella Cheese
2 tablespoons Marinara Sauce or Salsa

By Microwave
Put the meatless meatballs in a microwave safe dish and heat til hot (like 45 seconds).
Remove from microwave and add the marinara sauce or salsa,
Put it back in microwave and heat for 2 minutes til bubbly
Spoon meatballs and sauce and top with mozzarella cheese onto bread.
Microwave for 30 seconds til cheese melts

By Stove
Spray pan with non-stick cooking spray
Place meatless meatballs on there and wait 1 minute
Slice hot dog bun and have it face down on pan with the meatless meatballs for 1 minute
(make sure during this time you are moving the meatless meatballs around so it can be cooked all over)
The hot dog bun should be toasted enough to take off and place on plate.
Once meatless meatballs are done (make sure they seem cooked)
place them onto the hot dog bun, top with marinara sauce or salsa and mozzarella cheese (cut into halfs)


this has been one my current favorites to make every day :)

Time to finish more homework! Will update soon!