Sunday, February 27, 2011

HappyCow the healthy eating guide!

This is a great site whereas if you were to go to eat out with friends and or family in a different town/city, state, country-this is the site to go to.

Even if you were going out in your own town/city that you live in, it includes all the restaurants/cafes/stores that are vegetarian/vegan friendly, vegetarian and or vegan. Totally legit.!

And you can even read reviews of the restaurants as well!

a good site to favorite :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing Malibu Brew Coffee/Nursing school/PK for Rolling Stone magazine

What i miss from Atascadero.
Malibu Brew.
There needs to be one here in Santa Barbara or Ventura.
Their blended coffees are the best.

And yes. I have finally started the LVN program. Wish me luck with this stuff! :)

Also, I am asking you to "like" .Pure.Vegan.Love.<3. on facebook! :D

And also, look into voting for PK from San Luis Obispo to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine!!! They're pretty much amazing. :)

PK facebook page!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rice Cake, Almond Butter, Blueberries

Rice Cake with Almond Butter and Blueberries

Makes you remember the taste of PB&J without the processed Jam and Butter!

Rice Cakes with brown rice are gluten-free, low in calories, low in saturated fat and have no cholesterol!

Almonds as we know are a great source of protein, but it's also the most abundant in nutrition quality of the nut family, due to having the esteemed amount of calcium and magnesium (which are great for the bones), also the amount of vitamin E (to prevent cancer). Studies have shown that consuming almonds five times away lowers risk of heart attack!

Blueberries, as we also know, have a high amount of antioxidants to reduce free radical damage!

Best way to enjoy snacking :)

All you need are brown rice cakes,
spread organic almond butter,
and place organic blueberries on top!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Maddy's Market first Party Potluck

I'm out of food atm. I was on facebook. I saw a post from Brother Echo that there is a free potluck in Calabasas.

And, just for your info, Calabasas is only an hour away. Its laidback. Texted a friend if he wanted to join. So we found a free dinner spot. :)

I studied the entire day til 4. Picked up my friend and we left for Calabasas.

We walked in and saw the food feast at the other side of the store. We graciously served ourselves delish raw vegan food! :)

Plus! At the tonic bar, they had samples of their amazing specialty drinks! Uhm. Yes please! And everything from the tonic bar is dairy free! Double that yes please...please :)

my dish! :D

While I was there, I met a psychic who told me that I was an analytical person. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but i did find this site out, and realized how true that is about me! crazy!

So, if anyone needs a psychic reading, go to Anjellea K. Godwin in the San Fernando Valley, CA

Brother Echo did a workshop and demo making juices and soups! Love hearing what he has to say during his health food seminars, he's truly an inspiring person!
Also, a speaker from HealthForce Nutritionals,Tim Rusmisel, a Raw Vegan, talked about the products from HealthForce.
He was pretty amazing also! :)

In addition to the sweet products of HealthForce Nutritionals, there were samples given for the customers to have.
Woot! :)
(And just so you know, i used the WarriorFood sample in my protein smoothie this morning!)

I was soo filled up by the end of the night.
it was so worth it :D

Check out Maddy's Market in Calabasas!
26767 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302

Every Month they are going to have Party Potluck so stay tuned on my facebook page for future stuff!


Check out Raw Sangha and follow his posts for future events!

And check out his website as well!!

And check out more products from HealthForce Nutritional!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zevia Soda!

Zevia soda has to be my most favorite soda ever. It totally replaces my love of diet drinks (you know, the diet sodas with artificial sweeteners that give you cancer? )

But guess what! Zevia is made from an all natural plant called the Stevia leaf.

And this is zero calories, zero carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index. Which makes it happiness :)

It makes for a wonderful substitute for sugar and chemicals.

Check out a link on the Stevia plant :)

What to learn more information on Zevia? :)

Zevia comes in:
Dr. Zevia
Ginger Ale
Black Cherry
Lemon Twist
Ginger Root Beer


WithLove <3

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zeitgeist Movement & Valentines Weekend.

Weekend started on Saturday the 12th, where my good friend, Winston, called me up to go for a BBQ. He told me that they would supply vegan food to BBQ, so, of course, free food? yes please? And I wanted to catch up with my good friend also as well!

The BBQ was a Zeitgeist get together where we would gather, eat delish and healthy food, and converse in intellectual conversations on our society. Best stuff.

What is the Zeitgeist Movement you ask? The full definition of the word is German for "The Spirit of the Times" or "The Spirit of the Age."

The Movie has been showing around the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara area, and soon will be showing in San Luis Obispo county!

Check out the site!

The Zeitgeist Movement brings awareness about our Society as a Civilization, The Environment, Our Economy, Politics, etc.

Its super interesting to say the least and I love surrounding myself with intelligent individuals who point out valuable information about reality.

I probably don't agree with every single thing the speakers say, but I would definatley say that the speakers do bring up pretty good points on our views on the world.

Anyhow! These are the pictures from the Potluck! :D

Winston at work. :)

Veggie Kabobs! :D
(pineapple, potato, bell peppers, mushroom)
they were soo good!

Valentines Days 13th & 14th

I decided to buy myself Organic Vegan Chocolates & Wine. I consider Valentines Day a day where I can celebrate and pamper myself to the premium level. :)
I actually like being single on Valentines Day. Its my most favorite holiday! And I enjoy watching couples happy and in love! Its my most favorite sights of all aside from beautiful views of the ocean and city lights.

I had read updates from the Isla Vista Food Coop page on facebook
advertising that they had some Organic Vegan Chocolates from San Luis Obispo!

So, of course I decided to go and get some!

Turns out, the chocolates are from Sweet Earth Organics! I've been in the shop before!

I called up a friend to see if he wanted to share them with me (I'm not eating all the chocolate myself! too much! haha!)
So I brought them over to my friend, Sean Morr's place and shared my chocolates with him and his room mate!
We watched some BMX videos, then Across the Universe.
It was definatly a fun night fer sure!

The next day we went for breakfast at Epic Bowls. Another Organic Acai Bowl shoppe!
It's fairly new. At least to me. But it turns out that its the same company that owns Backyard Bowls in Santa Barbara!

Sean got the Ricon Berry Bowl

I got the Small Rio Bowl

After breakfast we went back to watch some Fresh Prince. Man, the 90's were so amazing. I remember how everything used to be so innocent back in the day! And the styles back then were so ridiculous! Miss it! haha!

Around lunch time, I decided to treat myself to a vegan cupcake! :)
I know that Crush Cupcakes in Santa Barbara, has vegan alternatives!
That makes me happy :)
I believe every Monday they have a new flavor of the week! :D

I got the Vegan Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting. OMG. So good! I'm not a big frosting person, but the frosting actually tasted like Strawberry! Like, think of sugar coated strawberries. Not the man-made sugary disgusting variation.

Later that night me and Sean ordered pizza from Pizza Guru! If you live in Santa Barbara, and have never had Pizza Guru. I highly suggest you go there or order pizza from there. Oh. My. Gosh. The pizza is soo amazing!
We got the Vegan Mediterranean Pizza.
It made me happy :)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trader Joes Soy Creamy Chocolate Chip Cherry Ice Cream

current obsession.

Probably can create this into a some sort of a Sundae, yes? It is Sunday. Funday!


P.S. Lets remember this:
Choosing a vegan diet has been shown to reduce more greenhouse gases than switching from an SUV to a hybrid Toyota Prius.

Hope you have a very green, eco-friendly VEGAN Valentines Day! Be creative!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog Day.

I came down to Los Angeles to hang out with a couple friends and spend some time with a cousin who had to deal with going to 2 funerals within a week span.

First place I went to was the Pizza Cookery in Woodland Hills.
We shared a Vegan Cheese Pizza. ( my friend's side had regular meat though. sad face) Though they do carry vegan sausage!

Afterwards I decided to head to Sunset Blvd and walk around. I have always seen Pop Killer on the side of the road while driving. But never gone in there. So I decided to walk in and check it out!

I ended up buying this. Lucky Cats are a weakness of mine :)

[walking around Sunset Blvd]

In the car. Traffic was bad. I realized while I was in the Valley, that there were cops everywhere. Everywhere I was at cops where chasing down another car with sirens and lights, or pulling someone over. So sad :(. I kinda scared me. I have somewhat of a phobia of cops.

[Hazelnut Latte with Soy]

After walking around my other friend called me up to have some coffee. Drove back to the Valley to Roladin. Not only is it a coffee shop, but they seem like they have a killer menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well! Plus, the way it was set up looked fabulous! Next time, I shall get myself dinner and take more pictures!

Its always nice to catch up with good friends. :)

Next day, I spent the day with my cousin. I made him some breakfast of a Vegan Grilled Cheese sandwich with coffee!
In exchange, he gave me some of his Trader Joes PeanutButter Pretzels. Haha! Its an inside joke that we have on PeanutButter Pretzels :)

My cousin had went to Jack Lalanne's funeral the day I came down to Los Angeles. He's known him since he was a 16! My cousin was really good close friends with his kids growing up and was close to the Lalanne family as well!

Right now, my cousin, is working on an animation project in collaboration with the Lalanne family.

Anyhow, he needed a mini vacation away from work and we went out to spend quality family time at the Griffith Observatory!

I guess they opened up a Wolfgang Puck cafe downstairs, so we had lunch there after walking around the Observatory!

I got the Hunan Tofu and Eggplant :)

What I'll be munching on the entire day today:

and some tea :)

Have a great day today! :D