Monday, February 21, 2011

Maddy's Market first Party Potluck

I'm out of food atm. I was on facebook. I saw a post from Brother Echo that there is a free potluck in Calabasas.

And, just for your info, Calabasas is only an hour away. Its laidback. Texted a friend if he wanted to join. So we found a free dinner spot. :)

I studied the entire day til 4. Picked up my friend and we left for Calabasas.

We walked in and saw the food feast at the other side of the store. We graciously served ourselves delish raw vegan food! :)

Plus! At the tonic bar, they had samples of their amazing specialty drinks! Uhm. Yes please! And everything from the tonic bar is dairy free! Double that yes please...please :)

my dish! :D

While I was there, I met a psychic who told me that I was an analytical person. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but i did find this site out, and realized how true that is about me! crazy!

So, if anyone needs a psychic reading, go to Anjellea K. Godwin in the San Fernando Valley, CA

Brother Echo did a workshop and demo making juices and soups! Love hearing what he has to say during his health food seminars, he's truly an inspiring person!
Also, a speaker from HealthForce Nutritionals,Tim Rusmisel, a Raw Vegan, talked about the products from HealthForce.
He was pretty amazing also! :)

In addition to the sweet products of HealthForce Nutritionals, there were samples given for the customers to have.
Woot! :)
(And just so you know, i used the WarriorFood sample in my protein smoothie this morning!)

I was soo filled up by the end of the night.
it was so worth it :D

Check out Maddy's Market in Calabasas!
26767 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302

Every Month they are going to have Party Potluck so stay tuned on my facebook page for future stuff!


Check out Raw Sangha and follow his posts for future events!

And check out his website as well!!

And check out more products from HealthForce Nutritional!



  1. You are amazing Suzanne I'm going to have to come up to SB one of these weekends and hang out!

    It was so nice to see you again.


    -BE :-)

  2. awe thank you so much Brotha! thats so sweet of you to say that! It was good seeing you too! And heck yes, totally come up to SB and chill out! :)