Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zeitgeist Movement & Valentines Weekend.

Weekend started on Saturday the 12th, where my good friend, Winston, called me up to go for a BBQ. He told me that they would supply vegan food to BBQ, so, of course, free food? yes please? And I wanted to catch up with my good friend also as well!

The BBQ was a Zeitgeist get together where we would gather, eat delish and healthy food, and converse in intellectual conversations on our society. Best stuff.

What is the Zeitgeist Movement you ask? The full definition of the word is German for "The Spirit of the Times" or "The Spirit of the Age."

The Movie has been showing around the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara area, and soon will be showing in San Luis Obispo county!

Check out the site!

The Zeitgeist Movement brings awareness about our Society as a Civilization, The Environment, Our Economy, Politics, etc.

Its super interesting to say the least and I love surrounding myself with intelligent individuals who point out valuable information about reality.

I probably don't agree with every single thing the speakers say, but I would definatley say that the speakers do bring up pretty good points on our views on the world.

Anyhow! These are the pictures from the Potluck! :D

Winston at work. :)

Veggie Kabobs! :D
(pineapple, potato, bell peppers, mushroom)
they were soo good!

Valentines Days 13th & 14th

I decided to buy myself Organic Vegan Chocolates & Wine. I consider Valentines Day a day where I can celebrate and pamper myself to the premium level. :)
I actually like being single on Valentines Day. Its my most favorite holiday! And I enjoy watching couples happy and in love! Its my most favorite sights of all aside from beautiful views of the ocean and city lights.

I had read updates from the Isla Vista Food Coop page on facebook
advertising that they had some Organic Vegan Chocolates from San Luis Obispo!

So, of course I decided to go and get some!

Turns out, the chocolates are from Sweet Earth Organics! I've been in the shop before!

I called up a friend to see if he wanted to share them with me (I'm not eating all the chocolate myself! too much! haha!)
So I brought them over to my friend, Sean Morr's place and shared my chocolates with him and his room mate!
We watched some BMX videos, then Across the Universe.
It was definatly a fun night fer sure!

The next day we went for breakfast at Epic Bowls. Another Organic Acai Bowl shoppe!
It's fairly new. At least to me. But it turns out that its the same company that owns Backyard Bowls in Santa Barbara!

Sean got the Ricon Berry Bowl

I got the Small Rio Bowl

After breakfast we went back to watch some Fresh Prince. Man, the 90's were so amazing. I remember how everything used to be so innocent back in the day! And the styles back then were so ridiculous! Miss it! haha!

Around lunch time, I decided to treat myself to a vegan cupcake! :)
I know that Crush Cupcakes in Santa Barbara, has vegan alternatives!
That makes me happy :)
I believe every Monday they have a new flavor of the week! :D

I got the Vegan Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting. OMG. So good! I'm not a big frosting person, but the frosting actually tasted like Strawberry! Like, think of sugar coated strawberries. Not the man-made sugary disgusting variation.

Later that night me and Sean ordered pizza from Pizza Guru! If you live in Santa Barbara, and have never had Pizza Guru. I highly suggest you go there or order pizza from there. Oh. My. Gosh. The pizza is soo amazing!
We got the Vegan Mediterranean Pizza.
It made me happy :)


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  1. great posting suzycucumber!

    for those interested in learning about TZM and taking an active role in transcending our society into a better future, the Santa Barbara facebook site is:!/home.php?sk=group_168138649889467