Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groundhog Day.

I came down to Los Angeles to hang out with a couple friends and spend some time with a cousin who had to deal with going to 2 funerals within a week span.

First place I went to was the Pizza Cookery in Woodland Hills.
We shared a Vegan Cheese Pizza. ( my friend's side had regular meat though. sad face) Though they do carry vegan sausage!

Afterwards I decided to head to Sunset Blvd and walk around. I have always seen Pop Killer on the side of the road while driving. But never gone in there. So I decided to walk in and check it out!

I ended up buying this. Lucky Cats are a weakness of mine :)

[walking around Sunset Blvd]

In the car. Traffic was bad. I realized while I was in the Valley, that there were cops everywhere. Everywhere I was at cops where chasing down another car with sirens and lights, or pulling someone over. So sad :(. I kinda scared me. I have somewhat of a phobia of cops.

[Hazelnut Latte with Soy]

After walking around my other friend called me up to have some coffee. Drove back to the Valley to Roladin. Not only is it a coffee shop, but they seem like they have a killer menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well! Plus, the way it was set up looked fabulous! Next time, I shall get myself dinner and take more pictures!

Its always nice to catch up with good friends. :)

Next day, I spent the day with my cousin. I made him some breakfast of a Vegan Grilled Cheese sandwich with coffee!
In exchange, he gave me some of his Trader Joes PeanutButter Pretzels. Haha! Its an inside joke that we have on PeanutButter Pretzels :)

My cousin had went to Jack Lalanne's funeral the day I came down to Los Angeles. He's known him since he was a 16! My cousin was really good close friends with his kids growing up and was close to the Lalanne family as well!

Right now, my cousin, is working on an animation project in collaboration with the Lalanne family.

Anyhow, he needed a mini vacation away from work and we went out to spend quality family time at the Griffith Observatory!

I guess they opened up a Wolfgang Puck cafe downstairs, so we had lunch there after walking around the Observatory!

I got the Hunan Tofu and Eggplant :)

What I'll be munching on the entire day today:

and some tea :)

Have a great day today! :D

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