Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello Summer June 2011!

I had ONE week off of school. Not enough. Its a space between one level to another, so I'm entering into level II of my nursing program!

When driving through Montecito in Santa Barbara at times, I would always drive by Scoops and always wondered, "would they have any non-dairy/vegan sorbet? It looks like a place where they could possibly .

One day, decided to go there and find out. And also to walk and sit at Butterfly Beach :)
It was a foggy day. But the beach oh so beautiful :)

So, walking in the cute ice cream shop, I did learn there are non-dairy options! I was so excited and bought half strawberry and half blackberry sorbet! The strawberries and blackberries come from the local farmers market, so it is definatly fresh and organic! This seriously tasted like a great strawberry and blackberry ice cream :)

I was in Los Angeles the other day and my good friend whom I was hanging out with decided on getting something from Millions of Milkshakes since we were driving past it on Santa Monica Blvd!
I had heard in the past Millions of Milkshakes had vegan options! So it was definatley not something to question! I've wanted to try it out as well!

I got a vegan ice cream with berries (they're at the bottom) and oreos!

Yesterday I took myself out to dinner before heading back up to Santa Barbara. I went into Truly A Vegan Restaurant on the Hollywood Blvd. I heard that its a pretty popular spot with great food! It was slow when I came in due to it being fathers day. But the people who worked there were so so nice, friendly, wonderful service, and even though I was practically the only person in there, I still got a window seat! The people who work there treat you so kindly! This one woman came in for a take-out, and she raved about how this is the best place for vegan food in Los Angeles, and that she only comes here for the best vegan food! She said she had been going there for 7 years and never was let down by their food!

Not only is it good, but its definatly an affordable price to go out and eat at! Plus! You can have your food for delivery! They also serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! :D

I ordered the Simply Seitan with side of potatoes, broccoli and vegan ranch dressing! So yummy! :D

After I put ketchup and chili sauce! :)

After dinner, I got coconut ice cream! i'm in love. this has made it official that i actually do love coconut ice cream!

After coming home to beautiful Santa Barbara view outside my window! Makes me love living here! <3

1187 Coast Village Rd
Montecito, CA 93108

Millions of Milkshakes:
8910 Santa Monica,
West Hollywood, CA 90069


Truly :
5907 Hollywood Blvd,
Hollywood, CA 90028


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