Sunday, August 29, 2010

Booty Shakin' Bagel!

This is pretty much my survival kit, i mean, you know, I'm a college kid. I'm on a budget. I do eat regular foods (just nothing with meat and dairy, of course!)
But I do like to take a recipe out of this book every month and try it.
For the past month I have been having this for breakfast:

a Booty Shakin' Bagel!

What you do is this:
get a bagel.
toast them in a toaster.
after toasted,
slap one side with Tofutti Cream Cheese
and then the other with Jelly/Jam/mashed up fruit.

In my case, I like to make Jam from scratch!
you can use any sort of berry/fruit really.
In this picture, I used Cherries.
What I did was put a cup of cherries in blender with a tbsp of agave syrup.
and blend for 3 seconds (if anymore it turns into a juice...which is actually quite tasty! but not useful as jam)

So there you go! A delicious breakfast with bagels!

Here is a list of vegan bagels to choose from!
-French Meadow
-Thomas Toaster Bagels
-Thomas' New York Style Bagels

if anyone knows of any Vegan Gluten-free bagels,
please let me know!
I definatly am looking into Gluten-free foods,
I know that Udi's are a best seller and Gluten-free, but they contain egg whites (ew...)
so. yeah.
But my favorite is the Hemp bagels from French Meadow!
I just wish they were Gluten-free! haha!

Plus! Here is a link on Tofutti Cream Cheese!

Hemp Bagel! Yeah!

Always look for the Vegan symbol!
And hemp is seriously the best plant protein ever. Nothing to mess up your body. Its an all natural resource. Nothing to get you high (its not from marijuana dude. thats a different type of hemp. this one is good the type you eat and is good for you!)
it contains all your essential omega's! (3,6,9)
you're essential fatty acids. linoleic acid. calcium. and iron.
if you want to check it out, heres a good link:

Hope you enjoy this if you try it!
With Love,

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