Tuesday, August 10, 2010

you can get vegan items on the road?? at fast food places?!?

When you're on the road and you're hungry, which place can you go to? There are food chains everywhere and only the fast food places look familiar. But what is something safe that you could eat? These fast food chains don't use farmer's market freshness, but its at least something next to healthy!

I have found some foods that could work if you are on the road and need something that may be best to have, but also note, that these are not fresh nor organic whatsoever. I realized, while researching what is in the ingredients, how unaware of what we know that is contained in our food. Some of the most simplest things can be marked with chemical preservatives to keep the freshness of the food or color additives to make up a certain expected coloring. Then there is the fact that all the bread provided, including the buns of hamburgers, for customers are all entirely wheat, no fair for people with celiac disease. Even the meats are breaded in wheat. But not just that, also hydrogenated oils. Pretty much the majority of everything had all allergens. But that is why fast food is cheap, right?

Be aware of what is in the foods you order. And also, don't be afraid to ask without certain ingredients, they are working for their customers and have to do what you ask!

Here are a few suggestions when you decided to grab a meal through the drive-thru!

-Premium Southwest Salad
Premium greens topped with a snappy mix of fire-roasted corn, savory black beans, poblano peppers, chili lime tortilla strips, and squeeze-it-yourself lime wedge on the side.
Ask for without Cheese shreds

Jack in the Box
- Teriyaki Bowl
steamed rice, carrots, broccoli and Teriyaki sauce.
Ask to have it without meat!

First off, I am very much disapointed that Wendy's does not have any other alternatives to Milk. And second of all, how much sugar and chemical substances are in the Frosty's. I used to love these as a kid! And now to know that they are all terrible for your body, its crazy how these fast food restaurants hide in disguised substances into the Shakes when its a kids favorite!
But what I have found that is a good alternative for the road is the
-Apple Pecan Salad
A mix of red and green apple slices,sweet cranberries, roasted pecans
Ask for no cheese crumbles. And Ask for with out Chicken also.
These roasted pecans also have chemical preservatives, soybean oil, lactose milk, soy lecithin, and wheat.
If allergic. I recommend to ask without the nuts as well.
Also, ask to skip the dressing! There could possibly be more chemical preservatives!

Taco Bell
-Fresco Bean Burrito
Beans, Fiesta Salsa, Red Sauce, Tortilla.
-For the tacos, gorditas, salads, chalupas, burritos in general, can ask to exclude the meats, cheese and sour cream and substitute it with beans and rice!

-Apple Walnut Salad
some green salad, sliced apples, and candied walnuts all tossed in tangy balsamic vinegar.
Ask for no crumbled bleu cheese and no chicken!
May have dairy or soybean in the dressing and in the candied walnuts.
If allergic. Go without the candied nuts!

Red Robin
-Apple Harvest Salad
Salad mix, candied walnuts, apple slices, dijon vinagrette dressing
Ask to exclude the grilled chicken slices, bleu cheese crumbles.

PF Chang
-Buddha's Feast
Mixed vegetables served steamed or stir-fried
-Chang's Vegitarian Lettuce Wraps
The vegetarian version of the signature appetizer with tofu instead of chicken
-Crispy Green Beans
A healthier version than potato chips

Panda Express
- Mixed Veggies Entree
Stir-fry veggies: broccoli, zucchini, carrots, green beans, and cabbage
-Eggplant Tofu
Prepared with lightly brown tofu, eggplant and diced bell peppers tossed in sweet and spicy sauce
Chow Mein
Whole grain noodles, tossed in the works of cabbage, shredded onions, celery and bean sprouts
-Veggie Spring Rolls
Prepared in a mix of cabbage, celery, carrots, green onions, chinese noodles all wrapped in a thin wonton skin and cooked to golden brown

Bottom line, we want to focus on getting the fruits and veggies in your diet. If you like something on the menu but it has meat and cheese, always ask for without meat and cheese! They would totally do it for you!
And if you find that they still added in some cheese, definatly complain about it because you really don't want any of that in your food!

Travel well, travel safe, or just enjoy a good meal at the nearest spot with your friends.
Being a vegan dosn't mean you shouldn't miss out on eating meals with your friends or starve on a roadtrip!

some online resources
McDonald's: http://nutrition.mcdonalds.com/nutritionexchange/ingredientslist.pdf
Jack in the Box: http://www.jackinthebox.com/pdf/NutritionalGuide_2010.pdf
Wendy's: http://www.wendys.com/food/Nutrition.jsp
Apple Bee's: http://www.applebees.com/downloads/Applebees_Nutritional_Info.pdf
Chili's: http://www.chilis.com/EN/Nutritional%20Information/Chilis_Nutrition_Menu_Generic.pdf
Olive Garden: http://www.olivegarden.com/menus/menu/?server_path=/menus/lunch/chicken_seafood/
Panda Express: http://www.godairyfree.org/Dining-Out/Fast-Food-Restaurants/Panda-Express.html

With Love


  1. The salad dressing and pastas at Olive Garden both have eggs in them. The burger at BK is not vegan even without the cheese and mayo. Also, beware of sweet nuts, often they are glazed with egg and sugar to make them sweet.
    Thanks for the great list!

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  3. oh awesome! thanks for telling me! I will certainly go and fix it!
    I feel like there is just nothing at Olive Garden I could have in general. Besides the minestrone soup. So thats a real bummer! And now that I know about the BK burger, I am definatly excluding that out of the list!
    I hate how people always need to use eggs and mayo in everything! This is why America is obese! lol.