Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tofu Tacos!

this is what i just had for lunch today! it was yummmyyyy!

I used Ortega White Corn taco shells. They're parve kosher (parve means vegan pretty much) and they're also gluten-freeee

And the Tofu salad I used was from the salad bar at Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara

But anyhow, Lazy Acres may not be in your location sooo
what I put in my salad was

-lettice/mixed greens
-dried cranberries
-carmelized onions

For the Taco experience!
-Daiya Chedder cheese!
-Vegan Sour Cream! (Tofutti and Follow Your Heart are great brands!)
or in my case...since i had it in my refrigerator...Follow Your Heart Vegenaise is actually another good substitute?
Sounds kinda wierd....but honestly it actually taste delish! haha!

Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL 10-10-10
make a wish for me at 10:10 pm
i think it still counts.!.

With Love,

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