Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh Slo en Autumn.

I went up to San Luis Obispo by myself Friday to spend some time with family and some friends.

While I was there I wanted to go to a couple of my favorite restaurants! :D

Up first is Vrajas!

Vrajas is a Vegan Mediterranean Restaurant
located next to Native Lounge and right by the Mission of San Luis Obispo!
The woman, Vraja, is the owner and cook for her small business!
Everyday she creates something new, so..there really isn't any menu.
Everything is healthy , vegan and DELICIOUS :D
plus, the price isn't so bad for good food :)

I recommend to visit. Its such a cozy little atmosphere. :D

one of my best friends, Alex, came with me to eat here and we shared the BFF plate, which was a huge plate with our food!
we had
Coconut Curry Veggies, Ratatouille, and Balsamic Rice
can you say...tasty? yes. and it was.

The next day, my mother and I headed to Morro Bay to another favorite spot. Sunshine Cafe

Sunshine Cafe is a cafe/ health food market
I usually like to go for breakfast or lunch.
and then do a bit of grocery shopping after.

I ordered the Green Dragon smoothie
which was a Spirulina drink with apple juice, mango juice, almond milk, and banana

They also had vegan desserts :D
i had a peanutbutter cupcake :D it really tasted like peanutbutter :D

Since I had gotten some groceries there
one of the things I got was a ChocoGreen Smoothie pack to try out
the results
a yummy chocolate Green Smoothie! :)

this was the ChocoGreen package
and i blended this with almond milk and a banana

it contains a lot of green veggies with phytonutrients plus the cacao.

twas a splendid time. Also went to Oasis (another Mediterranean cuisine) restaurant. But i was too caught up in enjoying my food there so I barely took any pictures whatsoever. haha! I'll take pictures next time!

Back home now! Back to Study mode!

I have another recipe to try out tomorrow! Stay tuned! :)


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