Thursday, September 30, 2010

Acai Bowl!

I love Acai bowls. Its only begun to become popular kinda recently. Or at least I have only heard of such when I first moved to Santa Barbara! I used to go to Backyard Bowls for my Acai fix. But now I can make em at home! And so can you!

If you don't know what Acai is, it a dark red-purple palm berry that is found in the Brazilian Amazon. The taste is very much like a berry and chocolate blend but has much more antioxidants than blueberries and pomegranates, and more calcium than dairy milk. It also contains vitamin C, E, and EFA's.
Acai has an anti-aging effect which makes your skin look anew!

Acai blend
1 package frozen acai smoothie pack
1 banana
1/4 pecans
1/3 filtered water
1/4 cup agave (optional)

goji berries
hemp seeds

In a blender, throw in the Acai, banana, pecans, water and agave and blend until smooth.
Scoop acai mix into a little glass or bowl and top with the berries and hemp nuts!

You can usually find the Acai smoothie packages in the frozen section of Whole Foods or a local Health food store!
A couple good brands are Sambazon and Planet Amazon


  1. did you soak the walnuts? sambazon destroys the rainforrest

  2. of course I soaked the nuts Nate! i usually don't blend my nuts unless its soaked...
    I used Planet Amazon for this bowl....but
    Sambazon destroys the rainforest? I thought they were environmentally friendly. I mean, Ani Phyo is a supporter and she's a raw foodist.