Monday, September 13, 2010

Santa Monica Adventure! plus a tidbit of the weekend!

Friday I came into LA and hung out with my good friend, Alex Wong. Walked around Westwood. Then decided to hit up Santa Monica.

Check out our video adventures!

I didn't realize that I barely got a shot of the food areas. but at least you know whats here!
Plus! There were more restaurants outside. Next time, I am going to dine at the spots overlooking Santa Monica pier :)

So. As we are walking along, there was a stand publicizing Veganism! It made me happy. :D .

these were the flyers they were giving peps.

first time in H&M. And yes. I really am a size 5 in shoes.

next time when i have money. total shopping spree fo sho.

The next day was my cousin's birthday party in Studio City in which I had been busy the entire day! I helped set up for most of the day. Then later had to drive back to Hollywood to get ready and pick up my cousin's friend, and drove back to play bartender and finally meet more family for the first time! That was seriously so cool.

It really felt more like a family function than anything. My first time at any family function too! I have a very very small family in general so, meeting more people who I'm related to was kinda cool! I did feel a bit awkward because it was so different than what I was used to. It really felt nice to be regarded as another member of the family, we exchanged numbers and email addresses and they said that they would invite me to family dinners over weekends and holidays! :D

And also at the end of the night, I learned that my cousin's friend that I had driven to and from the party was also a Vegan!
How cool is that! So, I have a friend who I can dine with whenever i'm in the area again! Weee!

It seriously really is cool to meet more Vegans. Because its a rarity!
Its kinda nice to meet people who have the same beliefs as yourself, in which you have the same things in common!
One of the reasons why I got incredibly excited when i saw the Vegan Stand in Santa Monica! I know that Los Angeles is an open-minded area and will also have some Vegan communities! I just have to start showing up at some of them! Ha!

It's always a pleasure to go out of town once in awhile to spend time with family. Its one thing I'm working on is meeting more people I'm related to! And also to spend time with my favorite cousin in West Hollywood! And friends in the area! :D

.In general. I am all about adventure.
.I live for adventure. If I didn't go out of my element. I wouldn't really be living.

Once I get ahold of pictures from the party, I'll post them up!

Hope everyone had a splendid weekend! Time to hit the books !

Happy Monday,

With Love,

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