Friday, April 23, 2010

.pure vida.

ok. so i tried making a video about 4 times today but i just gave up. haha! i'll post a video another time! :)

so i had a very good day today! woke up and had fruit for breakfast: sliced strawberries, bananas, an orange and a bit o pomegranite juice! muy delicioso! you just feel so cleansed after having fruit. especially first thing in the morning!

but one thing i got stoked upon: making Hazelnut milk.

yes. you freaking hearrrrd me, Hazelnut milk :)

it was all just a curious experiment. I wanted to save up some money for buying milk, and usually i just have almond milk just because its packed with protein, calcium, low in fat and calories, etc. but i have had some nuts that were in my cabinet for awhile and wanted to put in some use into them. So i thought of the idea of making nut milk!

Benefits in Hazelnuts are:
protects against cancer and diseases, especially heart disease
rich in oleic acid and linoleic Acid
vitamins B1, B2, and B6
vitamin E
its essential for blood formation and mental health-definatly good for kids!

How to make Hazelnut Milk:
-the day before you want milk, pour in a cup of Hazelnuts in a container and pour it with water.
-put it in the refrigerator and soak it for 24 hrs.
-next morning/day, grab your container and put it in a blender, along with a natural sweetner (I used Stevia)
(or mix in raw honey + cinnamon)
-blend it up until its pure milk!
-Voila! instant milk! weee!

right now i'm having a delictible dinner of salad that I picked up from Lazy Acres in Santa Barbara
and i also picked up falafals! yes!

i'm happy :)

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