Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Studies show that sleeping in sheds pounds. Because your body is burning calories while your body is in sleep mode.
This is the time when your body is recharging before the day is to begin!

It turns out that if you arn't getting your least 7 hours of rest, you are most likely to gain weight!


but what if you can't sleep?!?
-writing things down like plans for tomorrow can tire you out
-reading a book
-taking a nice warm/hot bath...ahhhh
-drinking warm hot tea such as chamomile
-eating anything rich in Calcium/magnesium aids in sleeping.
that could include soy milk, spinach, almonds (nuts), etc

check out this article:


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  1. I wouldn't advise eating anything before going to bed if you want to be able to sleep, or to lose weight! Eating out of schedule will re-awaken your digestive system and make you less able to sleep; and if there's food in your stomach overnight it's less likely to be properly digested, hence more likely to cause you to put on weight.