Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hunny Bunny Love

So I'm finally back! I've just been relaxing and all! Its so nice to finally do that. Just been hanging out at the apartment and doing nothing. Just last weekend I brought my best friends from Santa Barbara to my town of San Luis Obispo county. This made me happy, its like bringing your boyfriend to meet your parents. Haha! But it was all good!
MGMT was playing at the Avila Beach Golf Resort that friday. it was a must we had to go.

We all were hungry so we stopped at Steamers restaurant in Pismo to get some lunch.

While my friends Stevie & Shauna got the classic Clam Chowder,
my roomate and I split the Veggie Lover's Dream

we got ready at my house in Atascadero and dressed as rockstars.
picked up a friend and off we went to Avila Beach!
We were early, and we went across the street to Avila's farmer's market! Everyone looked at us wierd. Because of how we dressed. But it was fun.

it was a blast! They even played the song "Kids"!

We all were tired from the trip and ended up going to bed early to wake up early enough to get breakfast in downtown SLO
What did we have? Jamba Juice. There isn't one in Santa Barbara, just Blenders in the Grass. So this was exciting to my Santa Barbara friends. And i've missed getting one as well.
I got the Chocolate Chai Latte with soy milk. Was muy delicioso.
we took a walk downtown. Checked out my friend Jeff Claassen's gallery. my friends loved his work! I have collection of his work on my keychain and in my house.
here is a link to his gallery!

Afterwards went to MorroBay for some Sunshine Cafe food!

Had the Tempeh Salad. Soo good. I just absolutely love their food!
Sunshine Cafe in Morro Bay is a healthfood grocery store/vegan & raw restaurant. I absolutly love everything on their menu, especially the raw desserts that they have there! Always makes me happy to go there. Whenever I come home, I must visit this place.

We were just in time for Morro Bay's farmers Market. They don't have farmers like this in Santa Barbara.
Walked into the antique shops and book store. My friends definatly want to come back here for a visit. Its great.
Love Morro Bay.

I really want to go back to San Luis Obispo for their farmers market. Its always a pleasure to go to these. Its pretty much the biggest farmer's market in California. I just love the energy of Farmer's Market, especially in San Luis Obispo. Because of all the food that they have, the live entertainment, free shows/concerts, etc. Gotta love it there.

Friday June 4th, my friend Richard Fusillo is exhibiting his artwork at the Creamery downtown San Luis Obispo.
Picking Daisies Cloth Napkins/Gallery
The Creamery
570 Higuera, Suite 120

You should totally check it out, he is such an admirable, amazing photographer and artist. He's one of my most favorites!.
Here is the link to the event! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=132154813466011&ref=mf
Also, this is his link to his work: www.richardfusillo.com
Go and check out some fantastic artwork!

Vacation is nice :)

thanks to Stevie Martinez for the photos
and Google for photos aside from that.

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  1. So nice girly, our memories will live on forever now!!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting this!!!!!!!! Cant wait to go back and do more exploring!!!!!!!!! heart u bunches!!!!!!!!!!