Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July: Morro Bay! 2010

Hola! Hope you all had an awesome Fourth of July!

Went to Morro Bay, CA for my fourth!
Was so much fun! Brought my best girl friends up from Santa Barbara to head up the day before! As soon as we got there we decided to hit up Pismo beach and walked around. Was a bit chilly, we just went into a couple shops! Then we decided to hit up San Luis Obispo to see if anyone of my Cal Poly friends were around! Only one I knew was in town so we ended up going to his friend's party. My friend, Cesar Chavez's friend made these DELICIOUS mojitos. I love mojitos mucho so that was a blast and we played some Kings Cup. After a bit it was time for bed. We really wanted to get to Morro Bay early enough to mark our territory for where we would see the fireworks!

So the next day we made our way to the town of The Rock, went into the embarcadero dock area where the festivities would be held and taped down X's with a card saying "Reserved for Suzanne, Stevie, Shauna."
Then left to grab breakfast.

Usually, whenever I visit Morro Bay, I love to go to this place called Sunshine Cafe, where they always have some vegan goodies!
It was closed for the Holiday. Lame.
Since we passed by The Dorn Restaurant on the way to the cafe, we decided to head back and check the place out!
They have nada vegan on their menu. Lame. But, i did end up enjoying what I got! Granola with fruit and soy milk! I told the waitress to exclude the yogurt since they didn't have soy yogurt there.

We walked into a few shops. Then went back to our spot and napped on our air mattress. until my friends from the area showed up! Later on they played some awesome conga music where my girlfriends and I danced the night away.
And more of my friends came to sit next to us. I love creating groups of people together. It felt like a big family :)

Here are a couple pictures of our surroundings!

The next day we wanted to leave early. My old roomate from San Luis Obispo told me about a bakery in Arroyo Grande called Eclair. They apparently had some vegan bakery items there! We went there for breakfast!
For the day, they had Blueberry cupcakes, Coconut Chocolate Kahlua cupcakes, and Black and Blue cookies!
I bought the Coconut Chocolate Kahlua cupcake and a Black and Blue Cookie.
The Black and Blue was double chocolate chip cookie with blueberries in them! Oh. M. G. sooo good!!!

I look like I just woke up in the picture below!

So that was my trip! The next day did BBQing with friends. Brought over tofu and veggies to grill. My friend made us tofu burgers. Was really good! I became stuffed.

Tonight at Live Culture, my friend Matt Himmelright and friend are playing. You guys should come and make it! It will be at 10 tonight.
Any who! I am outtie!

Hope everyone has a good night!

With Love,

photos are courtesy of Stevie Martinez<3

websites for Eclair bakery, Arroyo Grande!
definatly recommend checking it out!

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