Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coffee Latte Shake!

Yum! :D

Good Morning Santa Barbara and all West Coast lines that read this<

Made a video on my new morning fix. Love making shakes and I love coffee. Great Combo, yes? Of course!

What I used to put into the Coffee Latte Shake was:
-Starbucks Via Colombia Instant Mix (I'm lazy in making a brew of coffee obviously)
-Ice Cubes
-Nut Milk
(I used Hazelnut nut milk. Just soak Hazelnuts overnight with water. When blending them in the blender, pour in a cup of the water with hazelnuts plus honey for sweetness and blend until it looks like milk! )
- Organic Ah!Laska Non-Dairy Chocolate Syrup (its fat free and gluten free! woo!)
-Hazelnut creamer (used Silk )
-Chocolate Stevia (for chocolate-y goodness. This is optional!)

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