Sunday, January 30, 2011

National Vegan Pizza Day 1/29/11 !

So yesterday was National Vegan Pizza Day! Which is probably one of my new favorite holidays. Had no idea it existed until mentioned it on their site and even stated that Pizza Fusion would have 10% vegan pizza!

I had to make trip to Hollywood for that. Not only just to have vegan pizza, because I can do that even in Santa Barbara
But just the whole experience at Pizza Fusion I wanted to just check out.
Plus, I have wanted to at least go down to West Hollywood to visit my favorite Screen-Writer cousin, Brooks Wachtel :)

The day started when my good friend, film-maker Jonathan J Holm, and I got Backyard Bowls for breakfast and then walked on the wharf of Santa Barbara.

It was a very beautiful day in Santa Barbara as always :)
Its always good to have intelligent conversations at the beach with a good friend!

Then afterwards we drove down to West Hollywood and said Hello to my cousin.
He was teaching quality information to my friend, which I learned some stuff myself! :)

Then we had some pizzaaa!

We shared a large Bruchetta Vegan Pizza! We both enjoyed it :)

Afterwards we hit up Santa Monica to walk around and walk on the Wharf there.
Parking is such a bitch. It took us forever to find the appropriate parking spot. We didn't want to pay, but its the only way we're going to have to enjoy ourselves!

I'm back in Santa Barbara now,
my plan for the day is to relax, maybe start making Peanut Butter Cups again.
Going out to Live Culture tonight for Happy Hour with a friend later on.

Will update again tomorrow! :D

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