Thursday, January 13, 2011

West Coast Love & Canada New Years part 2


There were long lines. But it didn't seem too long. We were just excited we had made it this far!
Finally got to the borderline, talked with the officer and....
We got in!
It was funny though. As soon as we got in, we went straight to the Duty Shop to exchange our money. And buy alcohol.
We got so excited that we were in Canada!
We chose our drinks of choice and did the exchange,
The cashier asked us in their French Canadian accent if we were leaving. And we were thinking, "uh no, we just got here!"
The cashier asked if we had parked across the street. And we looked at each other in curiosity. "no..."
The cashier didn't say anything after that but we wondered why the cashier even asked us that.
We shrugged it off and left the Duty shop!
And as we were leaving we got so excited but realized that the only way out of the Duty exchange store was exiting out of Canada.
"WHAT THE FUGHHHH?! Are you serious??"

We had to exit out of Canada and then be back in line to get back into Canada! Seemed to take longer than expected actually this time. Finally made it to the borderline again and talked with an officer.
"Do you have any weapons such as pepper spray, knives, or guns?" asked the officer.
My friend said she had pepper spray. We got a ticket and had to go inside to confiscate it.
Awesome! We had to be at the hotel at a certain time and pick up our tickets for a pub crawl. We didn't have time to waste!
I believe it took us either 15 minutes to a half hour in waiting to speak to someone inside.
We talked with a woman police officer and she was sincerely so nice about the situation.
I believe women understand the reasoning on having pepper spray. I mean, what if we get attacked or something??"

After taking care of everything. We were set free to wonder into the city of beauty!
The air so so crisp and fresh. And the city is so big! It was amazing! Now I finally get to understand what the big hype is all about. :)

We met up with the other car of girls at the hotel.
First thing I ran for was the restroom.
First thing I learned. you need a key for bathrooms wherever you go.
I had towards the restroom in the hotel and it was locked. I had to get a key for a bathroom??
I totally understand this at coffee shops because its a one stall room. But for multiple stalls?? Really??
( I concluded this after my experiences at other places as well in Canada.)

We got assigned our rooms and had an hour to get ready. Afterwards we literally ran to our first bar
(which was literally just around the corner, really. haha!)
Checked ourselves in to the Pub Crawl station inside, got wrist banded, and waltzed in to Shark Club we the party started.

Happy New Years from Canada!

First drink I bought myself, Jack n Coke, danced around, drank from it, sat it down on the table. And it slipped off and fell onto the floor. I didn't even get to finish it. Broken glass number one. Awesome.

So basically, we had to meet up outside at a certain time and jump onto a bus.

The bus is to drive us to next destination bar spot.

The next stop had a long line outside. Since we were VIP, we got straight in. And they even told us that if we wanted to go back that we can go straight in. How legit is this, dude?? Haha! This place was my favorite! I wished I knew the name of it!
It was most likely more so of a dance club. A raging one! My kinda style!

Afterwards we went to another bar, I remember this one, It was called The Motel. It was also fun.
Bought myself another drink there. Danced with it, drank from it, my friend fell and brought my drink with her.
I didn't finish this one either.
Broken glass number two. Awesome.

Another friend bought me another one.
Danced with it, drank from it,
some security guards were kicking this raging guy out of the bar and the guy hit me in the head and whacked the drink out of my hand.
Again. I had not finished it.
Broken glass number three. Awesome.

Some guys that were and weren't attractive were hitting on me. But usually I just never really dance with them or have much to do with them. I kind of stay away from sluts usually. And keep dancing with my girlfriends. :)

We left for the final destination.
Went straight in. It wasn't really a bar, but it was set up like one.
It was an open space decorated elaborately with eccentric techno music from a singer in a creatively crazy outfit and hair.

It was an alright location. I decided not to get myself another drink. But my friends got me some tiquila shots to make up for all the broken glasses during the night! Then I felt better. And danced the night away with my girl friends :)

The night striked midnight and while everyone was kissing another person, we were getting our pictures taken :)

We stayed at the spot for awhile. A friend and I were tired, we sat down. A different guy would come up to us and try to persuade us to come home with them. After he would leave, another one would come up and do the same.
It got tiring. It was finally closing down. We waited around for a taxi, surprisingly enough it was difficult to get a ride.
But then a stylish taxi limo drove up.
We crashed it with some charming Australians. I kept thinking one of them was named Dustin.
(my Australian room mate's name...hah)

Somehow we got off at another hotel with the Australians, I guess this is where they stayed.
We ended up walking around the town trying to find our hotel. It was COLD. I wasn't happy and I was becoming the navigator trying to remember the street signs that would lead up to where we were staying.
The taxi limo driver showed up again out of no where. And picked us up again. He was upset that we had gotten off early. But apologized to us since we told him we weren't from Canada. He gave us each a hug when we got out of the limo.

As soon as we get back to our hotel room
one of the girls decides to call up Dominos Pizza, "Hello Darling, we are thinking of ordering a Pizza.....Well that sucks!" Hangs up the phone and says "They guy laughed at me saying that they don't deliver Pizza at 4am"

We went to bed at 4:30 in the morning............... Good night!

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