Thursday, January 6, 2011

West Coast Love & Canada New Years part 1

So this is what happend around New Years. It was quite an adventure!

I hoped on a 24 hour train ride from Paso Robles, California to Eugene, Oregon to visit my best friend, Shauna!
The next morning I woke up to snow outside the window. It was so lovely.

Though we had so many stops due to the snow storm! It got narley!

Finally got to Eugene and ventured around for a bit then headed to Lebanon, Or where my friend, Shauna, is originally from.
that town is the smallest town I have ever laid eyes on. Spent the night there, then the day after to Portland!

this was the drive in Oregon after Lebanon

Portland for a shopping spree!

After Portland we headed to Washington, met up with another friend, and headed to Seattle for Pizza!
I had looked up this vegan pizzaria called, Pizza Pi.
Its located in the university area so it was a very chill kind atmosphere.!
We didn't know what to get! Everything looked absolutely delicious!!!
So we ordered the Field Roast Pizza, which had veggies and vegan roast beef.
We all never had vegan roast beef before so we were curious!
It was my friends first time having vegan pizza!
And after having it they said it had to be the tastiest pizza they have ever had! It was better than a lot of the non-vegan pizzas they've had before. They went on about how good it was! :D

After pizza we decided to walk around downtown. Near the Pizza Pi was a vegan store! It was called Sidecar for Pigs Peace!
It had vegan EVERYTHING! including vegan condoms and floss! Whaaaat?! haha!

Seattle is so amazingly beautiful at night! I love the scenery, the lights, the energy!

Spent the night in Olympia where one of our friends live.

The next day we all went in one car up to Canada.

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