Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter break so far 12/27/10

Hello! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

San Luis Obispo is known also for its self serve yogurt shops. One of them, Yogurt Creations , I used to work for (they have a location in Atascadero, the one i used to work at, and in SLO). Before they went Dippin Dots themed they used to be known for their black and white cow print colors.
Anyhow, i remembered that they would at least have one flavor a day that would be non-dairy.
I havn't been in there since I became a vegan and I was curious about what the flavor of the day was!
I was excited to see they still had non-dairy flavor of the day, which was Watermelon Sorbet!
I checked in the freezer for their other non-dairy flavors and saw an Acai sorbet! I'm so excited. Totally going to check in every so often now!

Atascadero park

Cozy home with fire in the fireplace

Christmas tree!

Raw Mac & Chreeze, Raw Chili

Raw Cucumber Hummus, Raw Chreeze Dip

Kale Chips!

Raw Tomato Basil Salad

Spinach Balls


Dessert! Truffles!

I'm kinda stoked. Tomorrow I'll be hoping on a train for Eugene, Or!
Going to meet up with friends who live there and scout out the area! I've heard so much about it so I've been kinda stoked to try and check it out!
Hopefully I get the chance to update tomorrow!
And P.S., if there is a recipe you and to learn to make, make sure you message me about it and I'll post the ingredients!


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