Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter break so far 12/22/10

Hello again! I'm in a coffee shop called Kruezberg! In San Luis Obispo! I am having a gigantic almond hazelnut latte! this coffee shop is fairly new, its only been open for a month! Its so beautiful and spacious inside! And options in milk are varied! Instead of having regular milk, you can choose between: soy, almond, hazelnut, hemp, or coconut milk!
Totallyyyy cooool!

A friend's artwork, Jeff Claassen, has his pictures everywhere inside too!

My 16oz Hazelnut Latte with Almond Milk!

This is my baby girl, Roxy! :D Isn't she beautiful <3

Atascadero at night.

My "soy philly cheeze steak" !
inspiration from Peta Vegan College Cookbook!

what you do

-hot dog bun (used Ezekiel sprouted grain hot dog bun)
-one side spread out veganaise (used Follow Your Heart)
-place a couple strips of soy steak inside hot dog bun
-used daiya cheese (both the mozzarella & chedder) on top of soy steak strips
-microwave for a minute (if you want the soy steak darker, then place it independently in the microwave for a minute or so beforehand)
-afterwards just sprinkle the inside with pepper!

its yummyyy

Will update more tomorrow :)


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