Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter break so far 12/23/10

Hi hello!
Seriously, every single day I have been bumping into people I know in the SLO area! Its crazy!
I remember when I first moved here I was like, "i can't wait til I get a reputation here!" because I really wanted to meet a lot of people!
I think I know the whole town now. Its quite official. I don't even live here anymore! Haha!

This was the special of the day at Natural Cafe! It was a Grilled Veggie Pita! Sooo delicious!

So, it had been raining for a week. It was super narly! As you can see here, the creek in front of the SLO mission became flooded!

That is SLO in the rain. That is my mother in the green jacket :)
It was kinda lovely how it was raining though. Cozying up by the fire, drinking mint chocolate milk with peppermint schnapps and watching movies. It had been super nice!

San Luis Obispo at night

The weather has cleared up now and I have to run a few errends today. Not doing Los Angeles. But will have to be back in Santa Barbara for a few hours and then back to SLO for farmers.

Tonight some bands are playing at the Clubhouse in San Luis Obispo around 8pm.
Who's playing?
Sea Birds, December Valentines and Contraband
740 West Foothill Blvd, San Luis Obispo, Ca 9340

So if you are in the SLO area! Check this event out after going to the farmers market downtown tonight!

With Love,

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