Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter break so far 12/16/10

was my day of official rest.
and it felt nice.
i sat in all day and read a book
that was not related to school.

and guess what.
i'm done with school.
i pretty much consider my college years to be in SanLuisObispo
but i had some more knowledge to acquire here in SantaBarbara.

and now i'm on a winter break til the end of February.
which is legit.

this entire break i'm traveling.
traveling is the only thing that keeps me sane.

i love visiting different towns every weekend
if i get a chance to
i mainly visit family and friends.

tomorrow i'm leaving for San Luis Obispo again.
then back to Santa Barbara Monday possibly
then possibly to Los Angeles area hopefully tuesday/wed?

who knows.
spontaneity is key.
who knows what will happen tomorrow.
who knows what will happen the next day
or even next week.

life is full of surprises.
we all want to make something happen
but you know what.
you can't force it. you can't expect it.
life will flow the way it wants
whether you like it or not.

toughen up. life is going to be hard sometimes.
all you gotta do is LIVE.
anyways. ...

last night i went out to Isla Vista to check out a fellow Atascaderian's musical talent.

Check him out.
music page:


He goes by Sea Birds and his name is Morgan Enos

but also, while i was out there I discovered a new place to listen to eclectic underground styles of music.
and that sort of stuff makes my heart jump
i'm glad i found out about it!

Appearently, Isla Vista does have an Underground Music Scene. The house is called Biko garage.
and anyone can probably play here.
and outside a few people were playing with fire with techno music.
totally cool!

wish i had a better camera to take pictures.

but if you live in Santa Barbara, add Sb Diy as a friend on facebook:
so you can learn more about indie artists playing around the area!

there was art on the walls inside.

i had to take a picture of these owls :)

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