Friday, December 3, 2010

New Frontiers San Luis Obispo

Last time I was in San Luis Obispo, I had to pick up a couple of things I forgot to bring with me from Santa Barbara to make for Thanksgiving dinner. My mother told me that the New Frontiers relocated to a new location. I was upset when I heard about this. Because when I lived in SLO, I used to walk to the nearest grocery store to buy my food and the closest grocery store nearby within walking distance was New Frontiers. Its the memory that I loved and missed.

I decided to check out the new location and realized...Wow! This isn't so bad! Actually, its way better than it was before! Turns out, this grocery store is now bigger than a Whole Foods! Plus! They even have more vegan and raw items than a Whole Foods would have!

If I moved back to the Central Coast, I would survive. :)
I now love the fact that San Luis Obispo is open-minded to a healthier lifestyle :)

I love remixes.
.with a passion.
Kids at the Bar makes wonderful sounds.
My favorite song from them is: Rapture (KATB remix)
and i actually thought that was just their song, but no, its a remix
and the remix is way better than the original version.
Check out their songs! Its best to get hyped up to their stuff when getting ready for the day! :D

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