Sunday, January 23, 2011

West Coast Love & Canada New Years part 4

we wake up around 11am. Instantly got up to get ready and check out of our hotel. on the road.

i felt like i forgot something. but i have everything.

i realized when we were driving in the car that i'm leaving my heart in Vancouver.

we drove to the border area to cross into America.

Once we got talking to the Officer, we were given a ticket for some reason. And for some reason the german shepherd dog with a cop came over to our car...

we had to park our car at some building. so they could inspect our luggage. and after that we were let go. so stupid.
i mean, we didn't smoke at all.

dropped off one of our friends in Olympia. And kept driving.
Around 10 we had made it to Eugene, Or.

And went to bed.

Next Morning.

My friend, Shuana, started her first day at the U of Oregon.
When I woke up, i decided to wander around Eugene. Since I never really got to see the town.
My impression: very quaint and cute. lots of Vegan restaurants! which of course, makes me uber happy :D

I noticed it was a bit chilly. And the puddle of water was frozen ice! As a Californian, I have never seen such thing before! haha!

I remember seeing a vegan donut shop around town and felt like having one. I came across this one called VooDoo Donuts!

I got the Vegan Donut with Oreo Crumbles and Peanut butter sauce on top. Honestly. It was the best donut I have ever had in my life! I even craved it days after!

Afterwards, I wanted a proper breakfast and internet. I really wanted to go to some coffee shop somewhere and use it.
I realized that as much has a coffee house location Eugene seems to be, there were barely any coffee houses.

But I did come across something!
It was called The Strand. It was an open location where they had pizza (with vegan options!), vegan cupcakes, coffee, a stage, and an internet cafe. it just looked like one huge living room!

my solid breakfast: A tall cup of Hazelnut Latte with Soy milk & Oatmeal with banana slices & berries with Soy Milk.

I got internet and i was happy too. Mainly I used up that internet time to catch up with friends on facebook.

I got a text message from both friends who go to U of Oregon that they finally met and said we should all have lunch! On my journey in walking around I had seen a Vegan Hotdog stand.

After they had class we went over the the Viva! Vegetarian Grill!

I got the Tempeh Rueben with Saurkraut!

After lunch one of our friends dropped us off. Me and Shauna drove around Eugene. Then got sushi and I had my train ride after.

Another 24 hour train ride home to California.
The next morning went for breakfast to get a simple cereal with soy milk.
without any makeup on.
my waiter flirted with me. and even asked me for my number.
what is it whenever i don't wear any makeup i seem to get more attention? i look 12 without makeup! wtf?!\\

When the train arrived in Paso Robles, my stop, everything seemed warm and sunny and I finally took off all layering I had on.
My mother greeted me and we went for Thai food, beer, and coconut ice cream with sticky rice! Sooo good!
It was a lovely ending to my West Coast trip :)

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