Saturday, January 22, 2011

West Coast Love & Canada New Years part 3

We woke up around 11am. Decided upon venturing around Vancouver.
We went back to Shark Club for breakfast.
I just had a salad. Really wanted a mimosa. But they were limited on specialty drinks.
No me gusta. Oh well.

We then left to walk around.

We then stopped for drinks at the Canbie hostel bar.

my drink of choice: Jack n Coke.

We stayed there for quite a while. We then walked around some more and decided to walk into a place called Moxie. It looked really nice and it was right near where we were staying. We decided to stay and get more drinks and some food :)

Sweet Potato Fries with Ketchup!

And of course. I got another electric blue drink. Tis was called an Electric Long Island. I forgot what was so electric about it that made it taste that way! :)

After dinner and drinks we went back to our rooms at the hotel to get ready. We pre-gamed with strawberry margaritas, got ready to fun music, went through so many different outfits figuring out what we should wear. We had such a blast getting ready!
We also took some shots of vodka to warm us through the night til we got to our destination.

Catched a taxi to our first bar called The Cellar. We got there pretty early so nothing was going on. We were the only ones there practically besides the bar tenders. Some guy came up to us and tried to pick us up. But we had fun with him and his friends! Since we were buzzed of course. Then once people started coming in, we girls, decided to get the party started to the DJ. Finally people started dancing! Woot! Mission accomplished!
Went over to one of the bar stands to get myself a drink. Made friends with one of them and ended up getting free drinks from him! Mission accomplished! My friend, Shauna, called him Russell Brand. Which, in my opinion, looked nothing like him....but he did have rocker edge and wore a bandana around his head.

We walked to the next bar. This one was famous appearently. There were long lines and Shauna decided to walk right up to the bouncer and coyishly got us in! That was pretty legit. She has mad networking skills! After I went to check my jacket to the coat section, looked around for the rest of the crew. Walked by the VIP section, and there Shauna waved and called out my name to come in. What the fughhhh?! Everyone was in the VIP section! The VIP section was mainly a bunch of Pakistanis and then there was my girl friends. One of them started following me and getting me drinks. So that was kinda cool. He was showering me with compliments calling me Beautiful and Goregious. Awee, how cute! I was so flattered!
Then he asked me if I had a New Years kiss, and I told him No. He, all the sudden, just kissed me. Whoah. What is going on here???

My friends were scattered everywhere and I was stuck with the Aziz Ansari look a like. But found them eventually at the end of the night. We all left. But still, everyone was drunk and scattered about and we had to get home some way.
One of my friends said she wanted to wait for her "boyfriend" from The Cellar to come out. He was one of the bartenders.
Guys came up to us, saying random things to us. And we walked away from them.

One guy was passing by with a cup of noodles,
and two of my girlfriends ran to eat his food!
"Girls! You shouldn't eat other people's food!"
To the guy i apologized for my friends. He was totally cool about it and was like,
"Yeah go ahead, I just bought it!" And then asked me if I wanted some....
Since it was Cheese and Gravy I said no. One of my friends told him I was Vegan. He was fine about it.

He noticed that I was cold and lent me his jacket.
We ended up in conversation for the entire night.
We all crossed the street to a pizza place where the rest of the girls were.

It was a MardiGraw like event.

Right afterwards, the bum from the other side of the glass pointed to me, then to him, started drawing.
And made a lovely portrait of us.

Awee, how sweet!

Finally, the girls grabbed a taxi, called me in.
He and I exchanged numbers.
And we left.

We went to bed at 4:30 am once again.

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