Thursday, November 18, 2010

I need to start activating if I should activate.

ok. "Turkey Day" is coming up.

Do you even know what the reason of Thanksgiving is??

Do you know why we gather family and friends together and eat?

Yes, food is involved. Lots of it too.

And yes, back in the day Native Americans and Pilgrims sat together giving Thanks.
And then the Pilgrims slaughtered the Native Americans.
Thus generations later creating factory farms for butchering animals in this country
Thus also extincting them. Awesome, right?
You may think so.
I probably have more of a heart though and sympathize with the Native Americans and Animals,
especially the Turkeys for this season.

Oh yeah, "But i love the taste of Turkey!"
Sharks and Bears feel the same way.

I've actually created a tradition with my family lately of having Un-Turkey Thanksgivings.
And focusing on what we're really blessed with.
I like to make food that comes from my genetic background.
I'm creating Israeli-inspired food for this Thanksgiving.
Because it comes from my culture.
I'm proud of who I am.

I'll tell you what I'm blessed about:

I'm blessed with the life that I have.
I'm blessed with the family I was born into.
Especially the newer ones I've found out about within the last year or so.
I'm blessed with the friends that are in my life. The old ones, the current ones, and the new ones.
And with people I know as well in general, even if I don't know them too well.
I'm blessed to have met them.
I'm blessed with the opportunities i have been given. And now getting!
I'm blessed with Jesus Christ in my life, for He who has kept me sane through my difficulties.
I'm blessed with what I have. Who I am as a person.

I am so incredibly thankful <3

Here's a reality check.
If you want to take action on saving lives, check out this link

I know a lot of my friends, who read my posts, are not vegan.
I love you as who you are as a person. And I'm blessed with knowing you in my life regardless.

This weekend I'm having a Thanksgiving dinner with my close friends here in Santa Barbara!
Of course, knowing me, I'll be bringing non-meat, and non-dairy foodies!
I'll keep you updated and take pictures!


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