Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nut Butter!

You never know what is in nut butters these days in the grocery stores. Most of them have hydrogenagted oils, which isn't really great for our health. Plus a lot of those nut butters are spoiled butter freshed up with artificial smells to make it smell "nutty."
Its not the best thing and usually alarming to know first finding out about what you are mixing in with your pb&j sandwich.

Read more information here:

But Anyhow! Here is a great recipe to make Peanut Butter yourself!
And its budget-friendly!

You can use any sort of nuts to your desire:
Peanuts (even though is classified as a legume), Cashews, Almonds, Pecans, the list goes on!
And you can even use seeds such as Sesame or Sunflower seeds

(expand your imagination! The list still goes on!)

What You Will Need is:
-Nuts of your choice
-Canola Oil
-An Oven or Stove
-A saved peanut butter jar
-A Blender

Grab as much nuts as you want to roast

In an Oven:
Preheat Oven to 350 degrees. Use a cookie sheet and spread the nuts or seeds and put into the oven. If you're doing seeds, check in on them about 3 minutes, and for nuts, 5 minutes.


On the Stove:
This process is faster if you're not the baking type!
Butter up the pan (so it dosn't burn) and heat on stove, add in the nuts or seeds and stir until some brown is shown!

. Make sure they don't burn! But you are making sure that they brown for a rich and toasted flavor!

Then in the blender,
add in Canola Oil (about 3 teaspoons, or as much as you want depending on consistancy)
Throw in the Roasted Nuts
And blend!
If you want Creamy, add more canola oil
If you want Crunchy, add more nuts

After you are done, pour in the resulted product into an old peanut butter jar that you've saved in your pantry

Instant Nut Butter!

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