Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raw Sangha video! 11/13/10 & Nut Butter Video that I made using Brazil Nuts!

The Rawk and Roll Party at Erewhon!
I'm the goofy blond in the background :)


decided to make a video!

I barely ever make videos. I think i look awkward when I do them, but the more practice, the better I suppose!
Maybe I should start back up again... well seee

Also, when I said Peanut butter, I really was speaking on Nut Butter.
Saying Peanut Butter is a habit, not only me, but for most people! ha! Touché ;p

but this is the link from the post I made to make Nut Butter!


This morning I found a great article on having nuts in your daily diet.
Basically, having high caloric/fatty nuts equal fat burning for the human body!
So do not be afraid of Nuts! Nuts are good for you :)

The article!




  1. Is that Daft Punk playing in the background... awesome!

    Did you just say... "gives it that buttery feeling"!

    YES! Gotta get that buttery feeling! LOL, :-)

    You Rawk!



  2. hi hi! Thats actually MGMT, I saw them when they came to Avila Beach!

    And...yes...I did say that....I'm akward in front of videos sometimes...
    hopefully the more I practice the better....lol :p

    And dude. YOU Rawk!