Monday, November 15, 2010

Raw Sangha & Pizza Fusion!

7660-B Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2734

First of all, I have to admit. People who can do raw foods only are the most inspiring people to me! I love living foods because of how great it is for your body and how it makes you feel on the inside and out! And honestly, I think its tastier than most regular foods!
One thing about Raw Foods is that you are really creative with what you eat!
Plus! Its healthy for you! Well

had to come down to LA to check out a Raw Sangha Rawk and Roll gathering at Erewhon!
I brought my only vegan friend from the area with me, we missed out on the juicing deal earlier that started at noon but came in just in time for raw desserts! (my favorite!!!)

First person we saw made a raw chocolate bar! it was so delicious!
next Brother Echo made his Love Bomb Bliss Balls. My imaginative vegan girl friend made humorous comments throughout the whole thing. that is why i love her :D
But i totally want to make them sometime! They were bomb-diggity blissfull!

I was also excited about the Grocery Market, Erewhon. I've heard good things about the place and there is only one grocery market like it! Its located on Beverly Blvd, next to CBS, at the bottom portion of an apartment complex!
Plus, the produce is 100% organic. Unlike most grocery stores! They had a health tonic bar that looked amazing. Next time I'm totally getting something to eat there!

While the Rawk and Roll party was going on, there were other samples being presented!

Here is a link on how you can make Love Bomb Bliss Balls yourself!

What I loved, was when he was making the treats he said what ingredient was good for.
Like this ingredient is good for this, and this ingredient is good for that...
For example, I learned that turmeric is a good anti-depressant herb.!
Makes me more excited about learning about raw ingredients!

The next morning went out with family for breakfast at Magnolia Grill.
Had a large fruit bowl with a large Sunshine Salad without chicken
Wished I took a picture of it! My camera was being charged up!

For lunch I met up with my good friend, Will for pizza at Pizza Fusion!

Its always good to catch up with good friends!

We shared a large Farmers Market Pizza with Daiya Cheese!
It was his first time having Daiya cheese, and he couldn't tell the difference!
I love love love Pizza Fusion...ultimately...i love pizza itself! haha!
Pizza Fusion is the most organic eco-friendly pizza chain that i know of and love

learn more about Pizza Fusion here!

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